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Ever Seen an Elephant Seal? 

Ever seen an Elephant Seal? Me neither until about a month ago when Jackie and I took a drive down the California Coast from San Francisco to San Diego. What a phenomenal drive! Here's a few photos from a quick stop at the beach of San Simeon near Hearst Castle. There were about 8 large male Elephant Seals and a number of females just laying around the beach with flocks of pelicans and seagulls nearby. The males were easily as large as walruses.

Here's what they look like close up. It's hard to get a sense of perspective since there wasn't anything familiar nearby to include in the image but this one was huge!

They seemed to like harassing the birds. Every so often, they would charge the flock of pelicans behind them.

I tried taking a really short clip of video footage with my Canon 7D (for the first time) without my tripod and so it's a bumpy ride but here it is.